LA5 Workbook D


Scout the dog is back, and his family is moving to Alaska where he’ll encounter all new situations — and a need for more advanced grammar skills!  These worktexts will have your student working through fun grammar and writing exercises as you encounter Scout’s wild adventures there!  Families who have used our other LA with Scout, the dog, are always thrilled to return to his adventures.  If this is your first time using our LA you are in for a treat.  Scout has hilarious adventures.  What is unique about this LA is that you will learn a ton about the far northern reaches of Alaska!

This item can be used with multiple students as it is an ebook and so it is non-consumable.  You will not need to purchase a second copy of this resource for another student.  Also this is the fourth of four workbooks scheduled in the LA 5 guide.

Concepts LA 5 Student Workbook D Covers:

Book D: Negatives, Similes, & Metaphors

Book D: Appositives, Personification, Participles, Gerunds, & Infinitives

Book D: Verbals, Participles, Gerunds, & Infinitives

Book D: Independent, Subordinate, and Dependent Clauses; Clauses, & Misused Words

Book D: Adjective, Adverb, & Noun Clauses; Compound, Complex, & Compound Complex Sentences; Review, & Misused Words

Book D: Subordinate Clauses, Independent and Dependent Clauses, & Misused Words

Book D: Sentence Structure & Misused Words

Book D: Simple and Compound Sentences, Complex Sentences, Misused Words Review, & Compound Complex Sentences

Book D: Review & Test


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