Phonics Cards & Character Cards

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This resource has twenty-six letter cards with coordinating twenty-six character cards.  Each card includes the different sounds that each letter makes and how to say them.  The coordinating character cards help students visually see and help sound out the different sounds that each letter makes, as many letters have multiple sounds.  This set of cards also include twenty-six phonogram cards, too, such as: “ee,” “sh,” “aw,” and “dge.”

The great thing about these flashcards is that they can be used for review again and again.  Fun games are included in this resource to help with review and offer hands-on opportunities to learn letter and phonogram sounds.  Information and teaching instructions on how-to use these flashcards are included as well.

This resource is used in several of our early language arts programs.  It is purchased as part of the “Letters to Little Words” program.  It is also scheduled in “Syllables to Sentences” and “Paragraphs to Pages.”  It is a key resource in both programs.


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