Syllables to Sentences Guide


The “Syllables to Sentences” guide if different from our other language arts guides in that it only has eighteen weeks.  The companion to this program that follows this guide is “Paragraphs to Pages.”  Both of these guides have been arranged in an eighteen week format to provide more flexibility for parents teaching their students to read.

All students progress at different rates through the process of learning to read.  Some require more time on certain letters, phonograms, or concepts as they struggle with one over another.  In many cases students learn to read very rapidly and quickly progress through the small stages.  We feel that creating two separate language arts programs make it very easy for the parents of any early reader to use these guides in the best way possible for their student.  These eighteen week language arts programs can be done on schedule; completed together in one school year.  Or, if your student needs to review a certain concept then feel free to spend time on it and complete the two programs over the course of a calendar year.

This program pulls together several great resources. This guide schedules: reading, directed letter formation practice pages, handwriting practice, spelling, phonics workbooks, beginning sight word identification and practice, spelling activities and games, phonics activities and games, and simple vocabulary. Much of this is accomplished through the Pine Nut Park Workbooks. Teaching notes and instructions on how-to-use are included in this guide along with handwriting originals that can be copied for multiple uses. Alternate game ideas using the “Hands-On” Phonics Pack are also added to this guide along with other suggested weekly activities.  Using the hands-on games and flashcards along with the fun phonetically focused readers, “Romp in Pine Nut Park” Reader Set, your student will quickly progress in their ability to decode and read through this fun program.

Concepts “Syllables to Sentences” Covers:

Week 1: afbmektr

Week 2: uclgwyvzx

Week 3: a & i

Week 4: o, u, & e

Week 5: oa

Week 6: silent e

Week 7: y as a vowel

Week 8: ch & tch

Week 9: ck & sk

Week 10: th & wh

Week 11: bl, cl, fl, gl, & pl

Week 12: sh, sm, sn, sl, & sp

Week 13: ar & or

Week 14: st, sw, tw, & mp

Week 15: br, fr, pr, tr, cr, gr, & dr

Week 16: nd, nk, nt, & ng

Week 17: lf, lp, ft, & lt

Week 18: ai & ay


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