This program comes in both an older (Jr. – Sr. High) and younger (4th – 8th) package! Your learner can adventure through Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Mediterranean world weather they are older or younger! Each age group includes their own guide with scheduled activities and assignments as well as age specific journals and exclusive resources! This program uses outside reading resources as its main text resource. You will need these resources to complete the program. Outside the Theme essential books listed below are more Theme completer books unique to the age range you choose. All these resources will need to be purchased through other retailers or found in libraries.

Theme Essential Books (must be purchased elsewhere):

  • Mystery of History, Volume 1 (978-1892427335)
  • Encyclopedia of the Ancient World (978-0794511418)
  • Great Ancient China Projects (978-1934670026)
  • Story of the World, Volume 1 (978-1933339009)

NOTE: This is our only Classic WinterPromise Program that we still offer in print. Whether you purchase in print or Ebook this program is still not eligible for any return or refunds as per our Classic WinterPromise Policies.

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Quest for the Ancient World Sr. High

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Quest for the Ancient World

What’s in the Quest for the Ancient World Guide?

Your Ancient guide will lead you across desert sands and Mediterranean waters as you travel throughout the Ancient World.  The guide is designed to be easy to follow, with each week’s assignments laid out on just one page!  The introduction to the guide offers you oodles of teaching helps that may feel like Charlotte Mason just “friended” you — like advice she’d give you on how to grade student work!  It’s all here!

  • A 36-week, 4-day schedule is laid out clearly in a grid-style on just one page
  • Introductory material helps you mentor and “learn together” with your student
  • Supply lists and other helps make planning quick and painless
  • Narration ideas in the front of the guide help you prompt your student through the year
  • Weekly schedule page reduces your paperwork and is easy to follow, with clear notes
  • Resources offer a focus on activities that are “Open & Go!”
  • Ratings systems for activities help you find the ones you want!
  • Independent study schedules for older students eliminate writing out homework lists
  • 100 Timeline Cards and games provide fun drill to retain key events
  • Website and DVD suggestions let you meander through ancient places
  • Above all, WP offers a practical, “Can-Do-and-Want-To-Do!” approach

What will you study in the Quest for the Ancient World Journal?

A History Study That “Uncovers” the History and Culture of the Ancient World

The Adventure Quest 4/8 Set for Middle-Grade Students
Middlers will really want to “dig” into this year’s materials, as they will build, create and dig their way through Ancient History.  Active learning opportunities will keep them involved and asking for more.  Don’t be surprised if your older students want to join the fun!  They’ll encounter treasure hunts and become a mummy, king, soldier, prophet, crusader or even a gladiator!

Enjoy Educationally-Rich Ancient Activities:

  •    Create an Ancient Stele or Cuneiform Tablet
  •    Make a Stonehenge Astronomical Calendar
  •    Sculpt an Egyptian Cat Statue or Obelisk
  •    Decorate the Red Chapel for Pharaoh Hatshepsut
  •    Design Your Own Cartouche with Hieroglyphics
  •    Wrap Up a Life-Size Mummy
  •    Cook Up a Jewish Dinner
  •    Draw a Royal Advisor Trade Map
  •    Make an Assyrian War Machine Model
  •    Reconstruct Babylon’s Striding Lions Wall Relief
  •    Take a Virtual Tour of Noah’s Ark
  •    See Qin Shi Huangdi’s Terracotta Warriors for Yourself!
  •    Walk Through China’s Forbidden City
  •    Found Your Own Greek City-State
  •    Make an Ancient Greek Water Clock
  •    Lay Out a Roman Frontier City
  •    Reproduce a Coin of Herod

The Archaeological Quest Senior High Set for High School Students
Senior high students will embark on a quest to dig into the archaeology of the ancient world.  They’ll investigate archaeological places and mysteries from ancient times in “Expeditions” that get them doing, not just studying! The Notebook includes pages on dig sites, ancient monuments, civilizations and empires of ancient times, rulers at the heads of  powerful states, and discoveries that impact what is known about ancient history.

Examples of Archaeological Expeditions:

  • Date Coins from an Archaeological Site
  • Examine the Stele of Vultures
  • Investigate New Ideas About Stonehenge
  • Join a Trade Caravan
  • Decorate Egyptian Monuments
  • Study the Egyptian Lifespan
  • Inspect an Egyptian Mural
  • Discover a Shipwreck
  • Observe a Phoenician Dig Site Yourself
  • Master the Key Archaeological Skill of Seriation
  • Visit the Persian City of Persepolis
  • Examine the Seal of Darius I
  • Explore Qin Shi Huangdi’s Tomb
  • . . . and so many more!

Here is a list of all the optional books that are scheduled in your 4/8 guide that really bring the year together!

Ancient Egypt Projects by Carmella Van Vleet
Pharaohs & Foot Soldiers by Kristen Butcher
Kings and Carpenters by Laurie Coulter
Explore Ancient Greece by Carmella Van Vleet
Explore Ancient Rome by Carmella Van Vleet
Lamps, Scrolls & Goatskin Bottles by Julia Hans

Here is a list of all the optional books that are scheduled in your Jr/Sr guide that really bring the year together!

Holman Bible Atlas by Thomas Brisco
Archaeology for Kids by Richard Panchyk
Unwrapping the Pharaohs Book & DVD by John Ashton
The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone by James Giblin
Ancient Greece (Teacher Created Resources) ISBN: 978-1557345752
Ancient Rome (Teacher Created Resources) ISBN: 978-1557345769
Tools of the Ancient Greeks by Kris Bordessa
Tools of the Ancient Romans by Rachel Dickinson
Augustus Caesars World by Genevieve Foster

Here is a list of all the optional books scheduled in your guides that will take your family on adventures through the Ancient World!

Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt (978-0394846996)
The Golden Goblet (978-0140303353)
Victory on the Walls (978-1883937966)
Hittite Warrior (978-1883937386)
God King (978-1883937737)
Adara (978-0802852168)
The Iliad (978-0753457221)
The Odyssey (978-0753457238)
Bronze Bow (978-0395137192)
Gladiator (978-0618070329)

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