Quest for the Ancient World 4/8 Guide


This guide pulls together the resources to follow ancient history from earth’s beginnings to the Roman empire.  The journey starts with the formation of the world, and the spreading of civilization.  Students will discover the Sumerians and their contributions to the ancient world.

Then they’ll travel to Egypt, encountering the life and culture and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.  They’ll look into their unbelievable building projects, get acquainted with their hieroglyphs, meet their pharaohs, and unwrapping their mummies.  The next stop is east of the Mediterranean, where they’ll delve into Israelite history, and be introduced to the nations that jostled for power in the Fertile Crescent:  Assyria, Babylon, and Persia.

Students will be able to spend several weeks in Ancient Greece, getting to know the city-states of Athens, Corinth, Sparta, and more, and living through the key battles and key cultural developments that made Greece so influential in the Mediterranean world.    And the year ends with several more weeks in the Roman Empire, following its rise to a Republic then to an Empire, and learning the “who’s who” of Roman power.  Students will love what they learn about Roman engineering, building, public works, and armies, and see how Roman ideas spread around the world.

Up Close in This Guide

  • A 36-week, 4-day schedule is laid out clearly in a grid-style on just one page
  • Introductory material helps you mentor and “learn together” with your student
  • Supply lists and other helps make planning quick and painless
  • Narration ideas in the front of the guide help you prompt your student through the year
  • Weekly schedule page reduces your paperwork and is easy to follow, with clear notes
  • Resources offer a focus on activities that are “Open & Go!”
  • Rating systems for activities help you find the ones you want!
  • Independent study schedules eliminate writing out homework lists
  • 100 Timeline Cards and games provide fun drill to retain key events
  • Website and DVD suggestions take your family into ancient places
  • Above all, WP offers a practical, “Can-Do-and-Want-To-Do!” approach


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