Setting out on Ancient Adventure Quests


Middlers will really want to “dig” into this year’s materials, as they will build, create and dig their way through ancient history.  Active learning opportunities will keep them involved and asking for more.  Don’t be surprised if your older students want to join the fun!  They’ll encounter treasure hunts and become a mummy, king, soldier, prophet, crusader, or even a gladiator!

Enjoy These Educationally-Rich Ancient Activities

  • Create an Ancient Stele or Cuneiform Tablet
  • Make a Stonehenge Astronomical Calendar
  • Sculpt an Egyptian Cat Statue or Obelisk
  • Decorate the Red Chapel for Pharaoh Hatshepsut
  • Design Your Own Cartouche with Hieroglyphics
  • Wrap Up a Life-Size Mummy
  • Cook Up a Jewish Dinner
  • Draw a Royal Advisor Trade Map
  • Make an Assyrian War Machine Model
  • Reconstruct Babylon’s Striding Lions Wall Relief
  • Take a Virtual Tour of Noah’s Ark
  • See Qin Shi Huangdi’s Terracotta Warriors for Yourself!
  • Walk Through China’s Forbidden City
  • Found Your Own Greek City-State
  • Make an Ancient Greek Water Clock
  • Lay Out a Roman Frontier City
  • Reproduce a Coin of Herod


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