Make-Your-Own 4/8 Ancient Chronicle


This Notebooking Resource

This year’s notebooking resource allows students to create pages about the people, places and landmarks they’ll meet in Ancient Times.  Each group has its own different “Make-Your- Own” book.  The Middler Version includes pages for weekly journaling, fill-ins that reinforce student learning, try-it exercises, skills practice, newspaper articles, empire timelines, architecture pages, charts and much more!   These pages allow students to show what they’ve learned.

  •  Complete interactive pages that record the details of the lives of powerful rulers and conquerors, famous   ancient monuments, or unusual events in classical times.
  •  Each page is interactive, and allows students to show what they know in a fun way, building their own history book as they complete it.  Pages can be filed in their “Timelines in History,” along with any other artwork, projects, pictures, or research they complete this year.


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