This program pulls together resources to follow medieval history from the Roman Empire to the Renaissance and Reformation. Also follow church history from the church at Pentecost to its reformation at the end of the medieval era! You and your learner will witness the decline and fall of Rome and see the rise of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire.

Theme Essential Books:

*Books necessary to complete both programs.*

– The Mystery of History Vol. 2 by Linda Lacour Hobar

– Famous Men of the Renaissance & Reformation by Robert G. Shearer

– Leonardo da Vinci for Kids by Janis Herbert

– Archers, Alchemists & 98 Other Medieval Jobs
You Might Have Loved or Loathed!          by Priscilla Galloway

– Medieval Medicine & the Plague by Lynne Elliott

– Trial & Triumph by Richard M. Hannula

Theme Completer Books:

*Books not necessary but do add depth.*

– The Medieval World by Philip Steele ISBN: 978-0753460467

– Great Medieval Projects by Kris Bordessa

Other Scheduled Books:

*These may not be scheduled in both Jr-Sr and 4th -8th*

– Church History Made Easy by Timothy Paul Jones ISBN: 978-1596363281

NOTE: Resources scheduled in this program not written by us are no longer sold on our website.

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