In this amazing study you will dive into everything geology. Our student notebook and living books will take you into the depths the earth. Exploring volcanoes and experiencing earthquakes while studying rocks and minerals. Easy, fun, and enriching experiments fill this program to make it hands-on and interactive every single week. Each week your student will work through several resources. These resources are designed to be done orally together with the parent, but could be done independently if the student is older and accustomed to working on their own. Most students should be able to complete “Lab Reports” in “This One-of-a-Kind Planet Earth” on their own, and can complete science activities and experiments together with a parent or sibling. Younger students may be able to dictate “Lab Report” answers to a parent.

Resources required to complete program (not sold by WinterPromise):

  • Rocks, Gems, & Minerals by Paul R. Shaffer ISBN: 978-1582381329
  • Our Planet Earth by Debbie Lawrence ISBN: 978-1600921544
  • The Case of the Missing Mountain by Kim Jones ISBN: 978-0890515938

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Rock Around the Earth

What’s in the Rock Around the Earth Guide?

Rock Around the Earth is a interesting earth science program designed for middle grade students.  The resources this guide coordinates allow students to spend a year discovering the Earth and the study of geology.  They’ll look into topics like the Ice Age, glaciers and their movement, what the earth is made of how rocks form, the different types of rocks, fossils and fossil fuels, and minerals found in the earth.

They’ll also learn how Earth’s geology is constantly in action, forming new rocks, moving continental plates, and shaking the Earth in earthquakes.  They’ll see for themselves how volcanoes reshape the earth and create new rock forms, while heat from the earth’s core creates geysers and hot springs.  Students will observe erosion at work in water, weathering, and the land itself.

Then they’ll see how they can continue to investigate geology and develop a lifetime of interest in the Earth.  They can dig into soil, make a point of visiting awesome landforms like the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon or stunning Monument Valley, descend into caves, or even collect rocks and minerals.

Easy-to-complete activities are scheduled that will let your students try things and experiment for themselves.  They can try to create a flood in a jar, make a mini-glacier, put together a sedimentary lunch, or see how magnetic a food they often eat really is!  The activities require only simple household supplies to complete.  Students will love the experiences they have, and will especially like the book, “The Case of the Missing Mountain,” solving eight mysteries centered around Mount St. Helens.  Plus, they’ll enjoy a lot of nature journaling, just as Charlotte Mason advocated.

What will you study in the Your One of a Kind Earth Journal?

In this 160+ page full-color journal your student will be invited into the world of earth science! This journal is at the center of our Rock Around the Earth program. In this journal your student will learn about the different earth science disciplines and areas of study, study the ice age, the mining industry, rock layers, lava, volcanoes and much more! Hands-On activities fill this journal as well as engaging reading passages as your student plumbs the depths of earth science.

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