Go on an adventure exploring Ancient Science on Creation, Simple Machines, Dinosaurs, and Fossils.

To learn more about this program click on the “Dinosaur Days” package below. To download a sample from this program, select the guide or the Dinosaur Notebook and click on “Resource Sample” at the top of the description.

What will you study?

You will dive into the world of dinosaurs and simple machines in this incredible program. Learn about the days of creation, the different kinds of simple machines, and all about the ancient creatures we call dinosaurs. In the journaling pages and throughout the program you will investigate the fossils of dinosaurs, go on “digs”, and even become a paleontologist and discover what kind of dinosaur you are looking at! Younger students will love the interactive journaling pages as well as the hands-on learning. Older students will love all of that plus the in-depth study of fossils and how paleontologists work! 2-day weeks are scheduled for a full 36-week program.

What resources are in this program?

  • Dinosaur Days of Long Ago Guide
  • Dinosaur Days of Long Ago Student Journal
  • The Fossil Book
  • Dinosaurs for Kids
  • Dinosaurs: Marvels of God’s Design
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