Study Horse Anatomy, Movement, Care & Behavior.

To learn more about this program click on the “Equine Science” package below. To download a sample from this program, select the guide or Horse Notebook and click on “Resource Sample.”

What will you study?

This program is our most popular science program. Families love the unique focus and enriching resources that our Equine Science program introduces them to. You will study five areas in regards to horses: their anatomy, care, behavior, and their movement. The main student journal is over 300 pages and is in full color! This truly brings this study to life. Between the journal and the seven living books scheduled in the program you will have an amazing year. Learn about the motion of the horse and how it moves. You will learn about all the ways you would need to care for a horse. You will even learn about how they think and communicate. This truly is a one-of-a-kind program!

What resources are in this program?

  • Equine Science Guide
  • My Horse: Notebook (Student Journal)
  • Horse Crazy!
  • The Complete Horse Manual
  • Horse Gaits, Balance, and Movement
  • How to Think Like a Horse
  • Album of Horses
  • Horse Anatomy Coloring Book
  • Draw 50 Horses
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