What does it cover? Full credit in History, Culture & Geography
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  • Daily Lessons Laid Out Weekly
  • Student Schedules for Independent Work
  • Tools that Make it All Open-and-Go
  • Teacher Notes & Instructions
  • Supply Lists for Every Activity
  • Timeline Cards & Games
  • See a Sample By Clicking Here!
  • Engaging History Reading for Each Country
  • Read About the Cultures & Traditions in Each Country
  • See what the Average Family Owns in Material Possessions
  • 400+ Pages of Interactive Notebooking
  • Engage with What You Are Learning Every Single Day
  • Spend a Year Traveling the World with our “World Travels Diary”
  • See a Sample by Clicking Here!
  • Each Week is Packed with Activities and Hands-On Learning
  • Plan a “Cultural Gathering” Each Week for Your Friends & Family
  • Bonus Learning Opportunities Suggested Weekly
  • Experience Unique Cultural Recipes, Games & More
  • Large 11×17 Maps to Help You Learn About Each Country & Continent
  • Dozens of Pasteable Figures and Placeholders
  • 8×11 Individual Markable Maps for Students
  • Worksheets to Reinforce Geography Knowledge
  • Scheduled 4-Week Christmas & Holiday Study
  • Learn About Different Christmas Holidays Around the World
  • Incorporate Your Traditions Into Your Homeschooling
  • Living Books Bring Different Holidays to Life
  • Learn About the Plight of Children in Other Countries
  • Discuss Steps You Can Take to Help
  • Expand Your Child’s View of the World
  • Over 20 Bonus Tablet Books & Ebooks (Ebook Packages Only)
  • Printable Worksheets for Artistic Learners
  • Guides for 7th – 9th Graders

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  • PRINT GUIDE: Teacher’s Guide with Schedule & Learning Helps
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: 2020 Updated Guide Links, Download Here!
  • PRINT JOURNAL: 300+ Page Travels Diary
  • PRINT HISTORY: Children of Many Lands
  • PRINT CULTURAL: Cultural Planning Guide
  • PRINT CULTURAL: World Working Children
  • PRINT ACTIVITY: Fun & Traditions From Many Lands
  • PRINT BIBLE: Prayer & Personal Involvement Journal
  • Additional Books Necessary for the Program Below
  • Buying Guide For Additional Christmas Resources

$119.00 $296.00

  • EBOOK GUIDE: Teacher’s Guide with Schedule & Learning Helps
  • EBOOK JOURNAL: 300+ Page Travels Diary
  • EBOOK HISTORY: Children of Many Lands
  • EBOOK CULTURAL: Cultural Planning Guide
  • EBOOK CULTURAL: World’s Working Children
  • EBOOK ACTIVITY: Fun & Traditions From Many Lands
  • EBOOK BIBLE: Prayer & Personal Involvement Journal
  • PLUS! EBOOK GEOGRAPHY: Student Geography Worksheets
  • PLUS! 13 Digital Cultural Tablet Resources
  • PLUS! 8 “Voice of the Martyrs” Tablet Books
  • PLUS! 2 Bonus Art and Craft Resources
  • Additional Books Necessary for the Program Below
  • Buying Guide for Additional Christmas Resources

Add These Key Resources to Complete Your Year


This resource is scheduled in the program. It has just gone unavailable from the publisher. New copies are almost impossible to find. RECCOMMENDATION: Look for used copies at your library or at online book sellers. A replacement is being pursued but that does take time. Thank you for your understanding.


This map set is filled with several 11×17 laminated maps and even more 8.5×11 maps. This will create the geography portion of your program. Stuck, mark, track and learn about the world through this mapping resource that is shared by your family.


To work alongside of your family’s map set, this set is an individual set of maps for your students to work with separately.

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Take a Round-the-World Trip to Cultures Near & Far

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Prepare your passport, because we’re ready to go!  Children Around the World offers you a trip around the globe, dropping into thirty countries and trying out their culture.  You and your students will love our signature Cultural Gatherings, a special four-week Christmas trip, and the weekly focus on the “Plight of the Children.”  Find out more below!

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I read the first few pages of Working Children and I cried… Thank you for all the time and heart you put into that curriculum. I am so excited for my kids to go through it. We lived in Nicaragua for a year and we worked with street boys that are addicted to glue. My four children have seen a different world outside of the United States, but it is still one culture. God’s children live diverse lives all throughout the earth. My heart has always been that my kids would be able to see and appreciate God’s creativity… and now they have that chance! Thank you.

- Katie F

We are 10 weeks into Children Around the World (our second year using WP) and are enjoying the experience. Our kids have retained a remarkable about of information from each country/week, and to me it seems that this is the way to introduce them to the world before diving deep into world history. In summary, we are big fans! 🙂

- Jessica G.

We are enjoying Children Around the World so much. It is adding so much joy into our studies. I find it easy to prepare on the weekends and much less stressful than when I was pulling everything together myself. The language arts program is ending up being a perfect fit for my daughter. I don’t have to even tweak your schedule! I use it as is! What a welcome change to all the adjusting I have had to do in the past.

- Jennifer B.

I just recently got a bunch of your Children Around the World curriculum. I am so impressed! I simply cannot WAIT to get started. The focus and book choices of this program are just amazing — all children (and adults) should get a glimpse of how other people and kids live in this world. Especially to gain appreciation for how good we do have it in the United States.

- Katie F.

Getting to know Children Around the World

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