Starting the journey of schooling and reading can be so hard!

Here are 3 easy and practical ways to help them with learning their numbers and letters!

Magnetic Letters or Numbers

My niece is currently starting preschool and every time I get to see her we play a game using her magnetic numbers and letters. When we first started out over the summer, I would ask her what letter I was pointing to or what number. As she has grown in her knowledge, the game has gotten harder! Now I can ask her harder numbers (even some adding!) or bring me the letter that the word “apple” starts with. Give it a try with your young learner! It’s an easy way to help reinforce their numbers and letters!

Added Bonus: You could even put them on a cookie tray and take it with you on a long car ride!

Play the ABC Spot It Game!

Going grocery shopping or heading to the park? Ask them to find different letters on signs or even something that starts with a certain letter! For example, if you’re heading to the park, ask them to find something that starts with the letter s. They could go to the slide or to a swing. If you’re in the store, ask them to find something with the letter C and they could point to a box of Cheerios!

Cut, Color & Play Memory!

Who doesn’t love the game memory? Instead of using a store-bought game — create your own! Download the Game Here! Follow the directions below and have fun!

Step 1: Print out the game pages single-sided

Step 2: Color the Numbers, Letters & even the boxes!

Step 3: Cut the boxes apart — you will have 2 of every number and letter

Step 4: Use these to play the game memory!

If you’re not sure how to play the game — here’s a quick rundown! Memory is just that! It tests and helps your memory. Take all of the squares you have just cut apart that have numbers and letters on them and flip them over so the blank side is facing you. Be sure that no squares are on each other. Typically, I put the squares in neat rows, but my niece loves to have them all over in different shapes! To begin playing the game, each player takes turns to try to find a matching pair — so you would want to find 2 “G”s.

The first time you play the game, I would recommend maybe only doing the first 8 or 10 letters — just be sure to have the pairs in your game! Once they get more familiar with the game add in more or all of them!

This game not only has them working with their letters and numbers but also helps work on their fine motor skills when you make your own!

Most of all! Have fun and make memories together!

I would love to hear some other tips and tricks you’ve found to help your young learner with their letters and numbers! Share below!

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