13 Things to do With Your Family This Fall

Where I live (Michigan), the leaves are beginning to change, and the temperature has started to drop! This means only one thing – FALL IS FINALLY HERE!

Now don’t get me wrong I love summer, but there is something so cozy and fun about fall! And I love my Carmel Apple Ciders this time of year! I know, I know – you thought I’d say a Pumpkin Spice Latte. 😊 I argue Carmel Apple Ciders are even better, but that is an argument for another time! Though I’d love to hear what your favorite Fall themed drink is – Share below!

Fall brings fun new things to do as a family! And a lot of these things can be done with learning in mind!

Charlotte Mason – who has become a dear friend of mine (new to CM? learn more here!) – has taught me a lot about the benefits of nature and learning and incorporating her method of education in everyday life!

So here are 13 things to do in the fall with your family!

Counting the Apples that you pick

Have a young learner? Reinforce their numbers by having fun counting the apples you pick. If you have a bit of an older learner, ask them to multiply the apples you pick!

Fall Themed Baking

My grandma made the best apple crisp when I was younger! Pick your family’s favorite fall-baked item and spend the afternoon baking together! You could even bake extra and give it to neighbors or friends as a gift!

Nature Journaling

Nature journaling doesn’t need to be hard! Grab a blank piece of paper or a notebook and ask them to draw what they find and describe it!

Leaf Transferring

Make your own fall art work! Find your favorite leaf. Place a piece of paper over the leaf and color over the leaf! As you color you will begin to see the outline of the leaf!

Create Fall Memory Board

Take pictures this fall, pick up things along your way, and create a fall memory board!

Have a School Day at an Apple Orchard

Spend a day at an apple orchard! Enjoy all the benefits of learning outdoors!

Do Spelling Outside

Play the Spot It Spell It Game!

Create A Story Together While Walking a Trail

Dwell in Nature

Ask these questions:

– What do you notice?

– what do you feel?

– what do you think it says about God?

Notice the Clouds

What do the clouds say about the weather? Can you label the clouds you see?

Go Star Gazing

Idea of Topic to Discuss: Talk about the importance of the space race and when man first stepped on the moon! This was an important point in history!

Pick your Personal Nature Patch – watch it for a week!

Pick a small patch in your yard or in a park and go outside and see what happens throughout the week! Maybe you’ll see different animals on different days or maybe you’ll even see the change of color in a tree’s leaves!

Fall to Do List

Do Our Fall To Do List here!

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