WinterPromise Basics

Meet WinterPromise

Let’s Get Started!

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Okay, so be honest — have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand and have a curriculum appear that would offer you the best of everything?

If so, you’ve just found it — literature and activities, family projects, notebooking, mapping, student worksheets, and best of all, family memories — all in one incredibly easy-to-use curriculum!

WinterPromise pulls together a variety of resources that allow you to tailor the program to meet the needs of your family members’ individual learning styles.  You can count on activities that are exciting for kids and realistic for parents!  We’re a great choice if you want a “open and go” curriculum that will also build a family culture all your own.

So, first — follow along with me in this section to discover the basics about WP!

Then, take a look at our themed package choices — whether you choose to visit animal habitats around the world, journey through the American story, dig into ancient history or voyage with sailors on tempestuous seas — we’ve got something that will be just right for this years adventure!

And — we’d really love it if you’d join the WinterPromise Family!

Our approach

WinterPromise Offers Materials & Approaches That Unite Many Learning Methods . . .

  • Charlotte Mason Inspired –  Charlotte Mason inspires everything we do! Joyful learning with journaling, nature study, narration, discussion, and exploration.
  • Literature Approach – Fantastic living book (inspired by CM!) choices take students to different places in history.
  • Hands-On/Kinesthetic – Lots of “Open & Go” activities/projects that will have you doing, not prepping, while also inviting students into the learning experience.
  • Classical Method – History themes that can repeat, but give your student a different facet and experience each time.
  • Notebooking – Exclusive loose-leaf timeline and interactive journaling pages that kids love. This helps establish memories
  • Unit Studies – Unified themes and cross-curricular LA programs reinforce topic learning.
  • Digital Ebooks – Ebook option for guides, books, and resources allow you to utilize tablets/laptops for school while lowering cost and reusing with other children.
  • Multimedia – Internet-linked guides take students to the web, while DVD suggestions abound, virtual tours, documentaries and more!
  • Workbooks – A select number of easy-to-use workbooks make teaching LA or math easy for parents

What will you love about WP?

How We Combine Literature, Activities & Memories of Course!

Here are the Top Ten WP Features Families Say Fit Their Lives —

1.) EASE OF USE.  You are learning together with your child, not teaching the subject matter, which allows for less preparation — and more face-to-face time.

2.) AMAZING THEMES.  Incredible included history books bring other people and other times to life, while themes present unique information and perspective.

3.) PRACTICAL INTERACTIVITY.  Your family will do incredible activities together– activities that are low-prep and educationally rich!

4.) CHRISTIAN.  Bible teaching tools will draw your children’s hearts toward God.

5.) CROSS-CURRICULAR.  Language arts courses are designed to work hand-in-hand with primary studies, making it easy to move from one subject to another.

6.) MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE LINKED.  Our themed programs give you more than enough ideas, and just the right advice about how to teach any kind of learner.

7.) STREAMLINED.  Easy-to-follow guidebooks lay out each day’s assignments so there’s almost no record-keeping, and you get right to schooling without prep.

8.) FOUR-DAY SCHEDULE.  Our four-day scheduling offers flexibility to real-life families.

9.) SCHOOLING TOGETHER.  Multi-level programs mean your students can share one program — saving you money and time.

10.) FAMILY CULTURE.  Best of all — you’re creating a family culture of your own that lasts forever!

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Spokes on a Wheel

WinterPromise Resources Work Together Like the Spokes of a Wheel —
But Unlike Other Curriculums You Can Get Along Without One or More Spokes
That DON’T Work for Your Family!

Take a Look at Each of These “Spokes”!

History or Science Books form the backbone of the program, presenting information in an engaging way.

Interactive Experiences and Activities provide family memories and often require no prep and/or few supplies.

Notebooking includes interactive pages that reinforce student learning in a fun, creative way.

Technological Tools are provided in guides schedule weblinks, virtual experiences, DVD suggestions, and online field trips, travel landmarks, or museum highlights.

Timeline Building allows students to grasp how history flows and how events relate to one another.

Map Work is varied and helps your students master geography basics.

Bible Resources teach Bible basics, mentoring your student and later, Biblical history and geography.

Research Resources get older students using research tools, making educated guesses, analyzing ideas, and more.

Picture Studies instruct students on how to interact with art and the great artists.

Adventure Reading is a group of pleasure books scheduled to read aloud and take students back in time.

Exclusive Resources

Why Does WP Publish So Many of Our Own Resources?

Reason #1 –  We Won’t Settle for Less Than the Best!
WP has high standards for the resources we include as part of our programs. We’re parents who homeschool, too. We aren’t happy with boring textbooks or books with activities you’ll never do!  So we produce resources you WILL use — resources that are intriguing and that have educational, high-quality, low-prep (or no-prep!) activities. Stuff you’ll actually do, things that are realistic and fit into your real life — so you spend time making memories.

Reason #2 –  WinterPromise Creates Unique Programs
Our programs offer a unique view of a time in history or provide a topical study that is different from other curriculums out there.  These unique studies require us to create resources that in many cases just don’t exist!

Reason #3 –  WP is Committed to a Cohesive Flow
Our exclusive resources fit together perfectly — intricate puzzle pieces that provide everything your family needs to have a marvelous learning experience. They provide a cohesive flow between programs and a unique sense of unity.

Reason #4 – WP’s Themed Programs Are Designed to Offer a Different Experience Each Year
Each theme has a different “feel,” so your family has a unique experience each year, and there’s no room for boredom! So, while your family will explore innovations and fads in American Culture, they will dig into archaeological topics in Ancient World.  This array of experiences comes from our own customized resources. They provide that unique flavor!

Reason #5 – WP Exclusives Save You Time
Our exclusives are created to keep you learning together with your kids, not prepping materials.  We keep things low-prep and easy for you, providing materials that integrate easily into your real life!

So, What Does That Mean for You?
WinterPromise offers a total experience that is unlike the experience you will have with any other curriculum.  PLUS — Most are jam-packed with content, are highly interactive, and above all – are practical and FUN!  WP exclusives aren’t the cheapest materials you’ll buy, but they often include content equivalent to several books, or include oodles of activities that are easy-to-do and educationally substantial, not useless fluff.

Don’t waste money on add-ons that are more price than education!

Guides and Notebooks!

Premiere Notebooks

A key element of WinterPromise’s programs has always been notebooks and journaling.  WinterPromise offers highly interactive and educational pages that add more content to your program, give students a second chance to interact with the information they’ve received, and allow students to show what they know. It’s all done in a fun format that is as much scrapbook and journal as educational tool. Kids may not realize how much they are learning because they are just having so much fun!

Some of our most popular programs have marvelously big notebooks that your students (and you) will love!  They are 200-300 pages long!  Have we mentioned how interactive these pages are?  The samples pages shown left should be proof of that!  Take a look!

Themed Program Guides

Your guidebook is an indispensable tool.  It features assignments on one simple, easy-to-read page, provides invaluable advice about teaching, and offers ideas for activities and reinforcement.

It serves as yearly planner, weekly supply organizer, daily schedule, and moment-by-moment helper.  Many of our parents have commented that opening their guidebook is like having a good friend at their elbow to keep them on track!

You can see samples of each theme’s guidebook in its section on this site!

WP for all grades!

What You Find for Young Learners

Our youngest learners begin with programs that focus more heavily on crafts and do not have as many different kinds of activity suggestions as older programs do. “Pre-K/K Animal Worlds,” for example, has fewer suggested videos and “activity-based” ideas like games or cooking.  Instead, this program focuses on giving this additional space to alphabet activities written into the program, designed for learning and reinforcement for young learners. It has less written work, no independent work to speak of, and includes a few picture books (which our other programs do not); primarily because this is written to target young learners.  You see, this program is specially designed to meet the needs and interests of young learners, and to give them plenty of time to master reading, which is their top priority at this age.

Growing into Middler Students

As students mature, the programs American Story 1 & 2, Adventures in the Sea and Sky, Ancient World 4/8 and Children Around the World all focus on interactive opportunities with written work, and an emphasis on hands-on, experimental learning.  Independent work is introduced and gradually becomes a greater part of the program for middlers.  Students enjoy many different avenues for learning, and can tailor those opportunities to their preferred learning style.

Moving into High School Programs

As we move into our high school programs, the emphasis changes once again.  These programs focus on a balance between the hands-on experimental learning, research opportunities, written work, great literature and discussion sessions.  Hands-on learning is geared toward opportunities that really appeal to teens.  Some of these active learning options are “true-to-life” experiences in which students try their hand at a historical or current experience, profession, hobby, or trade. Students also gain profi ciency in research and self-directed study.


Introducing WP’s Ebooks

WinterPromise offers ebooks or ebook collections so you can receive them as delivered downloads, and use them in all new ways!  These ebook collections are specially designed to look great on tablets or laptops, but they can also be used on a computer!

With WP Ebooks, You Can . . .

  • View guides and other resources on any device that supports Adobe PDF Reader
  • Read and teach from key resources on a device
  • Print your resources in print-friendly formats
  • Print unlimited consumables for your family
  • Receive a variety of resources in an ebook set, including reading books and so much more!
  • Take resources with you when on the go
  • Use helps from the guide while shopping or out for coffee!
  • Enjoy all new full-color resources, including new “Tablet” books — short, full-color topical ebooks — and “tours” of faraway places or long ago times

WP Ebooks Offer You . . .

  • GORGEOUS COLOR on resources that would normally be black and white.
  • QUICK DELIVERY – downloaded to you in 24-48 hours or less!
  • PORTABILITY – allowing you to school anywhere, even the couch!
  • EASY-TO-PRINT FILES – that let you print consumables, guide grids, anything!
  • EXCLUSIVE “BELLS & WHISTLES” RESOURCES – newly available items that would never have been produced because of limitations on page count, color production limits, or costs to produce. Now we have all new options in bringing the best resources to you!


Ebook Options

Ebooks are a flexible option for families who like color, flexibility, and greater functionality.

Advantages of Ebooks:

– Quick delivery, instantly downloadable after purchase
– Ebooks and ebook sets are less expensive
– Can be viewed and used on electronic devices
– Offer full color for many previously b&w resources
– Print unlimited consumables for your family
– Some ebook resources are designed to use multiple ways
– Easy to print on your own or Staples stores can do it
– Greater flexibility in using and printing
– Can be used on the go
– Can be updated in the future for a discount
– Many sets have bonus ebook-only resources

Disadvantages of Ebooks:

– Ebooks in each set are non-returnable
– Some books in set need to be printed
(Though they are easy to print at home or at Staples, where we’ve negotiated special pricing for you!)

Traditional Print Options

We offer print versions of all of our programs, and most resources come in print versions.  If you prefer largely ebook, it’s worth knowing you can always add individual items as print editions, if you would like.

Advantages of Print-Only Sets:

– No need to print
– Easier to use for those who are out of country
– Fully returnable, according to our return policy

Disadvantages of Print-Only Sets:

– More expensive
– Must purchase consumables for extra students
– Miss out on additional ebook-only resources