Get Ready for I’m Ready to Learn!

I'm Ready to Learn is an Open and Go program. What does that mean? Well, that means that you don't need to do any prep before sitting down with your little one and completing the days activities.

Whole-Child | Whole-Family

Whole-Child Education should not be one-size-fits-all nor should education be simply the accumulation of knowledge. Education should be tailored for the growth of the whole child with an understanding of the diversity of gifts and abilities…

Charlotte Mason Inspired

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I've often been asked, "What exactly do you mean by Charlotte Mason Inspired?" I utterly love this question! There is so much to Charlotte Mason one could write a book on just one aspect of her education -- actually, people have! Charlotte…

Importance of Discovering History

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The Importance of Discovering History When talking about history it seems there are very different types of responses. The response which utterly loves anything about history then the other type of pure boredom. So what’s the importance of…


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I remember when I first met Charlotte Mason... Okay, not really “met,” but got to know.  I was immediately struck by Charlotte’s intuitive understanding of children and how to educate and train them.  I was also hugely impressed by…

Meet Charlotte Mason & Her View of Education!

Who is Charlotte Mason and what are the basics of her education? Charlotte Mason was a British educator, who, in the late-nineteenth century, published books on education that were both down-to-earth and practical. Her book, “Home Education,”…

The First Christmas: A 3-Week Study of the Background, Events and Meaning of the Birth of Christ

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Join Hawk, our friend from our Adventures in the Sea & Sky program, as you go on a time-traveling adventure as you witness the birth of Christ.  You will spend 3-weeks (12 days) learning about Roman and Jewish culture, as well as observing…

Get in the Holiday Spirit!

3 Things to Get You Ready for the Holiday Spirit! Looking for things to do to get your family in the holiday spirit? We’ve got you covered!   If you’re like me – I’m already planning for Christmas well before Thanksgiving. Actually,…

Dinner Tonight – Chicken Curry!

Does your family love to cook together? In Children Around the World we schedule a number of recepies for you to try making as a family that are found from all over the world. Try making the recipe below as a family! Here's a recipe from our…

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