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Introducing Letters to Little Words!
Letters to Little Words is a year-long language arts program designed for students who show readiness to learn the sounds of the alphabet and other phonograms, or for students who have begun to learn, but not mastered, most of the phonetic sounds of the alphabet.  In this program, students will learn alphabet letter identification, sounds, and formation.  This program works great for students who haven’t yet worked on the alphabet and those who have had some instruction.

Each resource in this program is thoughtfully developed to utilize multiple active learning methods — hands-on, visual, auditory, and more.  This ensures that every kind of learner succeeds and has so much fun, they don’t realize they are learning!  Fun and interactive resources guide students in mastering basic phonics, sound recognition, and letter formation.

One example is our Phonics Cards and Character Cards, flashcards that provide pictures of Pine Hollow critters to help students learn how letters are formed and what sounds each makes.  The pictures help students avoid mix-ups with backward formation and overcome challenges with dyslexia.  Another great resource is our Hands-On Phonics Pack that offers 29 games to reinforce phonics learning with included fun props!

Parents love how young learners can learn in short periods and feel immediately successful.  This program also offers creative suggestions which coordinate with age-appropriate themed programs you may be using, such as “Hideaways in History,” “Animals & Their Worlds,” and “American Story 1.”

To learn more about the program or to download a sample of some of the key resources, scroll down, click on each item and then click on “Resource Sample.”

See the Individual Components Below

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