Readers to Real Books. A Language Arts Program for 2nd or 3rd Graders.

Introducing Readers to Real Books!
Readers to Real Books is the final program from our Early Reading Language Arts. This program takes the reading comprehension and basic grammar students learned in Stories to Short Chapters a step further. Students consider the story, such as what happened first, second, third or what happened just before or after the story? Students are asked to think about the characters in the story and tell back about them and other happenings.

This program is unique compared to the other Early Reading Language Arts programs, in that it heavily focuses parts of speech and basic punctuation. It then progresses on to teach students how to divide words into syllables and much more. Students enjoy the fun handwriting practice, writing assignments, phonics pages, spelling pages, and vocabulary pages. This
program continues to use the Acorn’s Game Set each week, and on occasion practices more difficult words and phonograms with the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game.

To see samples of our guide or one of our “Write-In Readers” click on the item below and then click “Resource Sample.”

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