Stories to Short Chapters. Language Arts for 1st or 2nd Grade.

Introducing Stories to Short Chapters!
Stories to Short Chapters follows Paragraphs to Pages and covers a full school year. This program heavily focuses on reading comprehension and difficult phonograms. This program increases in difficulty from our Paragraphs to Pages in word length and amount of reading. Students will also practice handwriting, work on spelling, vocabulary, phonics, and are slowly introduced to basic grammar concepts such as capitalization, subject/verb sentences, periods, etc. Students will complete their assignments and reading in our wonderful write-in readers!

The activities in this program come from the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game and Acorn’s Game Set, a WinterPromise exclusive. Each week students will play a board game to reinforce what they’ve learned. These board games will also help
them memorize their spelling words and help them understand synonyms and antonyms.

To learn about each item or to download a sample of our guide or workbooks click on the item below and then click “Resource Sample.”

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