I’m Ready to Learn Guide


Learning Experiences You’ll Enjoy in This Resource!

This guide offers directions and all kinds of marvelous activities related to letters, phonics, reading, math, and creativity.   This comprehensive guidebook includes alphabet and reading activities such as making word puzzles or making alphabet crowns.  Math activities are also included that get young learners counting, adding and subtracting.  The guide schedules all these resources and you’ll find the activities will blend in easily between the other learners in your household. Includes library book suggestions that will accent weekly study topics.

Up Close in This Guide

  • A 36-week, 4-day schedule is laid out clearly in a grid-style on just one page
  • Introductory material helps you mentor and “learn together” with your student
  • Supply lists and other helps make planning quick and painless
  • Narration ideas in the front of the guide help you prompt your student through the year
  • Weekly schedule page reduces your paperwork and is easy to follow, with clear notes
  • Resources offer a focus on activities that are “Open & Go!”
  • Rating systems for activities help you find the ones you want!
  • Website and DVD suggestions supplement the topics covered each week
  • Above all, WP offers a practical, “Can-Do-and-Want-To-Do!” approach


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