Romp in Pine Nut Park Readers Set

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This resource is for students ready to read sentences with some guidance.  Through weekly phonetic focused reading passages and workbooks, your student will be ready by the end of this program to read sentences on their own and some to no guiding on the short paragraphs.  This full-color reader set begins a new reading adventure through the stories that your student will read in our early reading language arts.

They will meet Mac and learn of his adventures in Pine Nut Park.  You will meet his best friend, a bat.  Students will also read of the dangers of living in a park – terrible rats and angry horned hogs!  Your student will enjoy reading these stories and may even ask to read ahead, as they are left wondering what will happen next!

Phonics this Reader Book Set Covers:

Reader 1: afbmektr

Reader 2: uclgwyvzx

Reader 3: a & i

Reader 4: o, u, & e

Reader 5: oa

Reader 6: silent e

Reader 7: y as a vowel

Reader 8: ch & tch

Reader 9: ck & sk

Reader 10: th & wh

Reader 11: bl, cl, fl, gl, & pl

Reader 12: sh, sm, sn, sl, & sp

Reader 13: ar & or

Reader 14: st, sw, tw, & mp

Reader 15: br, fr, pr, tr, cr, gr, & dr

Reader 16: nd, nk, nt, & ng

Reader 17: lf, lp, ft, & lt

Reader 18: ai & ay


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