Dive deep into the systems of your body and also learn in even more detail about the basics of forensic science.

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What will you study?

Diving deeper than our 3/7 program, our Jr/Sr Human Body & Forensics program dives deep into biology and forensic science. Learn all about DNA, cells, the different systems of our body, how they work, and much more! While also studying topics like deductive reasoning, fingerprints, fibers, hair, teeth, typewriting, and how animals can sniff out more clues. So much to dive into and so much can be learned. This makes for a truly unique science program for your Jr/Sr aged student.

What resources are scheduled?

  • Human Body & Forenscis Jr/Sr Guide
  • The Human Body Book
  • Body By Design
  • Gray’s Anatomy Coloring Book
  • The Forensic Casebook
  • Crime Scene Investigations

What can you purchase here?

You can purchase the guide and schedule for this program from this site. Parents can see the list of books above and below find the name, author, and ISBN for those titles so that they can go ahead and purchase them. Parents then can decide of they want all brand new items, used, or to get some from the library. Plan to spend anywhere from $80-$100 on the complementary books if you purchase them brand new.

The Human Body Book (DK) by Steve Parker and Robert Winston. ISBN: 978-1465480293
Body by Design by Dr. Allen Gillen. ISBN: 978-0890512968
Gray’s Anatomy Coloring Book by Freddy Stark. ISBN: 978-0762440733
The Forensic Casebook by N.E. Genge. ISBN: 978-0345452030
Crime Scene Investigations by Pam Walker and Elaine Wood. ISBN: 978-0787966300

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