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WinterPromise provides complete curriculums built around our outstanding exclusive products — resources that are educationally rich, filled with Charlotte-Mason learning experiences, and designed to be as easy as possible for parents to use!

Here’s a quick-start guide to browsing:

  • Themed Programs are year-long humanities programs that include history, culture, geography, and — often — some science resources.  Each have unique, interactive journals and easy, hands-on activities.
  • Language Arts Programs are year-long programs that instruct students in phonics or grammar, reading and literature, vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, and feature resources that improve reading comprehension and speed.
  • Science Programs are year-long programs that include science and technology reading, experiments and hands-on learning activities, and, usually, interactive science journaling.
  • Notebooking Resources support WinterPromise’s exclusive, in-depth journals that are a part of each Themed Program, and include a timeline, timeline figures, and map collections.
  • Math Resources offer parents a choice of different approaches to math instruction, so that you can select what will best connect with your student’s learning style.
  • Other Resources include chess instruction, and individual support resources, and shorter, instantly downloadable studies
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