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Experience a One-of-a-Kind Journey — Live the American Story!

Introducing the all-new American Story – now featuring a full-color premium journal of more than 600 interactive pages! Your family will eagerly dive into studies of Colonial America, the Revolution & Westward Expansion. Your family will crowd around each story – one that shares tales of heroes, villains & the amazing people in our country’s past. The learning doesn’t stop there! See your family delve into activity resources, where they will assemble a colonial village, construct flip-and-fold maps, play traditional games, try out period recipes, explore virtual tours of early American places, and make fun hands-on projects like coonskin caps or Lewis and Clark’s keelboat.

Join us this year on a memory-making adventure through early American history.

Our New Beautifully Illustrated AS1 Brings You Everything Charlotte Mason!

Built Around Living Books
You will be venturing in to our usual set of adventure readers, this time selecting from three lists based upon your students’ ages.  Titles include classics such as “The Sign of the Beaver,” and new titles like “Regina Silsby’s Secret War,” to take you inside the history and culture of early America.  In addition, our book, The American Story, provides a living experience all its own.  It brings together what you’re learning in other living books, providing a complete learning experience with its wealth of historical detail.  Students will hear from shopkeepers and tradesmen how they run their colonial businesses, hear from Paul Revere and Samuel Adams how they stirred Americans to action during the Revolution, and so much more!  This book enables you to have the full range of CM experience with no prep for your family — just a great learn-together year!

Daily Interactive Journaling
Our huge 500+ page journal provides interactive, wonderfully illustrated pages that take the learning another step.  Many pages require students to use what they’ve learned to make decisions or draw conclusions, like a page that asks students to decide what shipbuilding tool to use based upon the need for the tools of that trade.  There are so many pages, that there will be plenty to engage every learning style!

Focused Narration
Many parents integrate oral narration into their daily studies and review, but we’ve gone a step further to provide a notebook all ready for students to dive into!  Each page is interactive and wonderfully illustrated, and provide students a way to “narrate back” what they’ve learned in a written format!

Nature Study & Science
Each week provides a nature study or science experience or experiment for students that is linked to their historical and cultural studies.  In colonial times, they try Benjamin Franklin experiments, and as they journey with Lewis & Clark, they discover the natural world that these explorers beheld for the first time!

Short Instruction Periods
The other resources we provide allow students a wealth of different learning experiences, so each is kept streamlined.  Live the American Story offers many unique things to try and do related to the culture of early America, including patterns to use, period crafts to try, and even virtual tours and videos to view!  Meanwhile, Build the American Story is a resource that allows students to build a colonial village large enough to re-enact key events in colonial history or narrate about what each shopkeeper in town does and how, based upon their reading.  This resource allows each learning style to engage with it differently!

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