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Importance of Discovering History

The Importance of Discovering History When talking about history it seems there are very different types of responses. The response which utterly loves anything about history then the other type of pure boredom. So what’s the importance of history when homeschooling? And how do you engage your child if they aren’t quite fond of it? […]

Get in the Holiday Spirit!

3 Things to Get You Ready for the Holiday Spirit! Looking for things to do to get your family in the holiday spirit? We’ve got you covered!   If you’re like me – I’m already planning for Christmas well before Thanksgiving. Actually, I even start listening to Christmas music as early as September! The snow […]

Dinner Tonight – Chicken Curry!

Does your family love to cook together? In Children Around the World we schedule a number of recepies for you to try making as a family that are found from all over the world. Try making the recipe below as a family! Here’s a recipe from our Children Around the World Themed Program! Chicken Curry […]

Day of Thanksgiving Activities!

As we get ready for Thanksgiving, some of us may be thinking “How in the world do I keep my kids busy throughout today?”. If you’re thinking this – you’re not alone! Holidays are wonderful, celebrating with family, but sometimes they can be a little hectic – or maybe that’s just my house! Here are […]

6 Ways to Have Fun in the Snow!

Get ready to make snowmen!  Here in Michigan we just had our first snow fall of the year. Even though it didn’t cover the ground that doesn’t mean that we aren’t excited! So many fun activity opportunities open up as the snow starts to fall. I’m sure you all know about the fun activities like […]

Multiple Intelligences!

Did you know that your kiddo could have different intelligences? There are so many types that no learner is ever the same as another! Let me explain a little more about multiple intelligences before I tell you the different types! The multiple intelligence theory was developed by Howard Gardner in 1983 to better define the […]