Does your student know what they want to dress as for Halloween this year?

Here are a couple ideas!

Going through Animals and Their Worlds this year? Dress as their favorite animal that they’ve learned about or are excited to learn about!

If you are going through Children Around the World this year, dress up in traditional clothing from the country they loved learning about most!

What about our Quest Theme Programs, dress in clothing from your favorite historical event or time period!

If your student loves pirates try dressing like a pirate from our Adventures in the Sea and Sky Pirate Page Pack! Click here to view the instructions!

Hideaways in History provides a fun costume idea! Dress in a Greek Chiton!

What you’ll need:
  • a plain colored flat sheet (no cutting necessary!)
  • large safety pins
  • chord or fabric for a belt
  1. Start by laying the sheet down flat on the floor. Fold one of the long sides about 15-18 inches (or the length between your chin and waist!) If the overall length of the sheet from top to bottom after folding the top edge is longer than the distance from your shoulder down to your feet make sure you fold the top flap farther down that way you don’t trip while wearing the costume!
  2. Then fold the sheet in half, the opposite way of your first fold, but make sure the first fold you made is facing outwards rather than inside the second fold!
  3. Next, Imagine the sheet is divided into three columns, pin together all four top layers of the sheet where at the imaginary division between the columns. (You may want to pin these closer if the pins fall wider than your student’s shoulders!)
  4. Finally, put on your costume! Your head will go between the safety pins and the garment will hang loosely! You can use a cloth belt (or a regular belt) to help secure the opening in the side of the garment!