Build 36 Historical Hideaways!

One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was build forts – all kinds of them! I loved blanket forts, forts under furniture, or even forts I built outside with sticks!

I have such fond memories of spending time in my forts with either my older brother or my father. When my father was in the fort, he would often tell us about battles from a long time ago. These battles were often fought in forts many of which were also made of wood. Just like my forts I built outside! Twenty years later, I still remember those stories. I even remember my father telling me the importance of forts for security and protection for kids.

This is the exact thing we create for your family in Hideaways in History!

We took the idea of building forts and created activities for you to build places or monuments from history! We encourage you to allow free play in these hideaways and then spend time talking about what happened and reading your living history books while sitting in history! Learn about the Vikings while coloring the Vikings Longhouse! Look at Egyptian hieroglyphics while playing in the Pyramid and learn about the Pilgrims while sailing along in the Mayflower!

Give it a Try Below:

Egyptian Pyramid

Things to Gather:

  • 1 Large Square Box
  • 1 Small Square Box
  • Paint or Drawing Supplies

Here’s What to Do:

  1. Draw the largest triangles you can on the sides of the small square box, and cut them out.
  2. Tape the triangles together to form a pyramid.
  3. Then, use the larger square box to cut out a base to make the pyramid larger.
  4. The top edge of each flap should be the same length as each side of the pyramid.
  5. Tape the base together, then place the pyramid on top and tape it together as well.
  6. Cut a door in one side.
  7. Sometime this week students can paint the outside a sandy color, and draw hieroglyphs on the outside.
  8.  SIDENOTE! Be sure to keep newspaper/sheet underneath while they paint and draw!

Add Even More Detail!

You’ll Need:

  • Additional Small Box
  • Waxed Paper
  • Paint or Drawing Supplies

You can cut a throne out of another box to really enjoy the royal experience. To create a crown, wrap waxed paper around your head and tape it securely to stand up high

Or, Make It Easier By . . .

Hanging a piece of rope from a tree branch or another high point indoors. Hang a large sheet from this point, then pull corners out in a square shape and anchor at each corner to create a pyramid shape.

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