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WinterPromise Craftsmanship: Grab Your Passports and Prepare for World Travel!

Children Around the World You are going to love our most popular program, Children Around the World.  You’ll travel through more than thirty countries, encountering their cultures and traditions, crafts and celebra­tions.  But that’s not all!  You’ll learn a ton about world geography and also take a mid-year break to enjoy learning about cultural and religious […]

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WinterPromise Crafstmanship: Experience Adventure on the High Seas with “Adventures in the Sea & Sky.”

Adventures in the Sea & Sky Be prepared to traverse the high seas in this adventurous program.  Discover how history was made by explorers, commanders, traders, daredevils, astronauts, and even pirates who captained sailing ships and flying machines!   World history will unfold from the earliest traders on the Mediterranean to astronauts building the space […]

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WinterPromise Craftsmanship: Discovering Unique Experiences in our Themed Programs

  When you hear a carpenter talk about a custom cabinet he just installed you will hear about the quality wood used, the dovetail edges, the solid hardware, and the attention to detail that make it a solid piece. But you will also hear about the special touches he added to make the cabinet unique. When […]


Lighten the Load Part 1

Lighten the Load Part 1: Dealing with the Burdens of a Homeschool Mom Have you ever seen the bicycles that have more than one seat? Big families sometimes use them if younger kids need to be able to keep up with the rest of the family. These bicycles have two, three or even four seats sometimes! […]


Translating Pinterest to Real Life: Part 2

Translating Pinterest to Real Life: Part 2 Last time we talked about the emotional challenges of Pinterest. We are tempted to expect every project, decoration, DIY, recipe and anything else we find to turn out as perfect as “Pinterest Perfect” What this can lead to is frustration, or even feelings of inadequacy. But maybe you […]