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Introducing Syllables to Sentences!
Syllables to Sentences is a language arts program designed for students who are just beginning to read three-letter word such as bat, win, and pot.  This program includes resources designed to continue teaching advanced phonics and word families for increased reading recognition and decoding skills.  Students love the fun, short stories in our exclusive easy readers.

Many parents encounter difficulty in providing instruction to students at this key reading turning point where kiddos move from mastering individual sounds to putting them together into words, and then gain fluency to read full sentences.  This program features two things that assure student success:  a customizable schedule to adjust to your student’s situation and unique, interactive learning experiences.

Parents love that this program provides two schedules, so that it can be completed in either a half or full year.  The instruction can be customized, whether your student needs time to absorb the new material or is ready to rapidly accelerate their learning.  Some parents find that some learners need more time after learning the letter sounds and decoding three- to four-letter words before they move on to sentences.  Syllables to Sentences is easy to adapt to your student’s unique situation:  typical K student ready for structured reading instruction, older learner who is finally ready to pursue reading in earnest, or young, precocious learner who can’t get enough of words!  It can be sped up, slowed down, or the pace can change as student capabilities suddenly explode.  Paragraphs to Pages, designed to follow this program, is an 18-week program that likewise adapts to your student.

Interactive learning experiences also keep students really engaged!  No matter what type of learner you have — hands-on, visual, auditory, and so on — resources in Syllables to Sentences will keep the learning fun and successful.  Students continue to use two activity resources from Letters to Little Words, the Hands-On Phonics Pack and Phonics Cards & Character Cards, but with phonograms and concepts that are more challenging.  Students may go fishing for phonics or make phonics pizzas, or play phonics games with the phonics cards.  If you’ve already purchased these then you won’t need to repurchase them for this program.  Highly visual phonics pages reinforce each week’s phonograms.

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