Welcome to Adventures in Pine Hollow!

A Unique Forest World

Adventures in Pine Hollow is designed to engage students so thoroughly that whether they can’t wait to read or would rather wait forever, they are pulled into a forest world, where they join critter adventures and forget there’s learning going on!  Students meet critter friends that they follow and keep throughout their several year reading journey.

In early adventures, Mac and Nip Squirrel join Snap the Bat and Fin the Frog in Pine Nut Park.  New friends join, and eventually so does their son, Acorn Squirrel.  In later years, Acorn makes the move to Pine Hollow and finds new buddies Dash and Scoot Chipmunk, Tatty Mouse and Dr. Derby, the grouchy Badger who look out for hungry owls, mischievous raccoons, and the treacherous fox, Rascal Dickens.

Our exclusive stories, phonics pages and our unique write-in readers, handwriting sheets, and even spelling and vocabulary exercises are all created to support each week’s phonics concept.  They all work together to create confident readers who can’t wait for the next Pine Hollow adventure!

Why Are They Not Divided By Grade?

Our Early Reading Language Arts are not divided by grade, as all students learn to read at different times and different rates. It’s our hope that the informative and lyrical titles given to our language arts programs would help parents place their students in our Early Reading Programs.

A Unique Curriculum

  • Forest Critter Settings & Stories
  • Active Learning Experiences
  • Hands-on Games & Reinforcement
  • Intriguing Phonics Pages or Write-In Readers
  • Truly Controlled Vocabulary (A surprising rarity!)
  • Easy to Use

A Unique Approach

  • Designed for Multiple Learning Styles
  • Active Learning with Provided Games & Activities
  • Short Learning Periods Keep Things Changing
  • Customizable Scheduling to Slow Down or Accelerate
  • Stories with Charm, Substance and Fun Cliffhangers

Check out our LA Scope & Sequence here!

See the different friends you will be meeting in these programs here!

Download the placement evaluation for our K – 6th grade programs here!

Check out the programs below to discover which part of the Pine Hollow Adventure fits your student!

Letters to Little Words is for students who show readiness to learn the sounds of the alphabet and other phonograms, or for students who have begun to learn, but not mastered, most of the phonetic sounds of the alphabet.  This program includes fun resources for mastering basic phonics, sound recognition, and letter formation.  The easygoing format makes it perfect for students new to structured learning.

Syllables to Sentences is for students who are beginning to read three-letter words, such as bat, win, and pot.  This program includes fun, easy readers with short stories designed to teach advanced phonics and word families for increased reading recognition and decoding skills.  Two included schedules allow customized instruction whether student needs time to absorb the new material, or is ready to rapidly accelerate their reading. 

Paragraphs to Pages begins where the instruction in Syllables to Sentences ends.  Flexible scheduling allows parents to slow down or speed up to meet student needs.  Students will master new phonograms such as -dge, ee, igh, ou, enjoying adventures in their first write-in reader.   By the end of the program, students should be able to fluently decode longer passages.

Stories to Short Chapters focuses on reading comprehension and adding higher-level phonograms.  Each day, students read a Pine Hollow adventure passage that presents them with longer words and more reading than they encountered in Paragraphs to Pages.  As they increase their reading speed and comprehension, students will also practice handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, and phonics fluency.  They will also be slowly introduced to basic grammar concepts such as capitalization and punctuation. Students will complete their assignments and reading in our wonderful write-in readers, and reinforce what they learn with Acorn’s Game Set and the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game!

Readers to Real Books is the final step in reading fluency.  Students increase their reading speed and comprehension as they encounter fun Pine Hollow adventures in their write-in readers.  Students are asked to consider their stories, and tell back what happened first or next, predict what took place just before or after the story, or share about the critter characters in the story.  Students are introduced to concepts such as dividing words into syllables or what a noun is as they work through pages on phonics, comprehension, handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, and more.  Students will love how they learn new concepts with hands-on activities and the included game sets from Stories to Short Chapters.

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